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Rift Zone: Contact is a revolutionary table top tactical battle game that uses mixed-mode reality (Boosted Reality!) to eliminate the complexity and hassle of legacy minitures games by using modern technology that you already own, yup your cell phone! Using AR, NFC, and some patent-pending special sauce we've brought table top gaming into the 21st century and beyond!


At Boosted Reality, we want to bring your table-top games into the future. To us, the future looks like games that use technology to make them easier to pick up and play. Games with real tactical depth that you explore in the game, not in a rule book.

We see a future where complex table-top war-games are made accessible to anyone with a little free time and the desire to play.

Our First Game!

A future where humanity has to travel to a promising world to find a new beginning. But we are not the only species looking for a new start. And something else was here, long ago, and may come to reclaim what was once theirs.

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Our Vision

We are gamers.

And as much as we love games, we don't always have time to pick up a new one and learn it.

We recognize that what we love about the games is playing them at a table with friends.

Our vision, and the technology we are building, is to make the experience of playing with friends better. Because the fun of games is playing them, not reading the rules.

Our Games

We're starting with a war game based on first contact with an alien species.

The war starts, as so many do, with fundamental misunderstandings, greed, and fear of the other.

At launch, the game features a united Earth fighting an alien cohort known as the Skry'Ox for control of a new, resource-rich world.

As we release more content, and the game grows, the two enemies will realize that their war has awakened a third force. You'll have to wait to see how that changes things. No spoilers here.

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Kickstarter and Beyond

We will start with a Kickstarter soon. If enough people are interested, and we're successful, then we will follow up the launch of a first game with a second, third, and so on.

We are, first and foremost, building a platform. This is the thin end of the wedge. We love all kinds of table-top war games: space battles, naval combat, WW2 tanks, and more. Assuming we get there, we'll get your feedback in what will come next.

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Our Technology

Boosted Reality Games use four sets of technologies:

  • App Based Gameplay: Gameplay, and all the rules, calculations, and assorted messiness, is controlled through a phone application. That means you learn by playing. Easy to learn, but with the tactical and strategic depth of the best table-top wargames.
  • Augmented Reality (AR): Firing arcs, movement ranges, terrain obstacles, and even firing effects and unit damage. More than just making the game look cool (though we like that too) it's a way of simplifying game play. Need to know the range of the Stormbringer's missiles? Movement of your Mangler? Whether your unit can hide behind the ancient ruin? No rules consultations needed. Just look at the game through the phone.
  • RFID: All the minis have embedded RFID chips. This serves two purposes. One, the app can use it to identify and track the units in the game. The second, is having uniquely identified minis gives them life, and histories, beyond a single game. They can gain experience, upgrades, and depending on your generalship, maybe even a grudge. Don't let them down!
  • Server Based Game Management: Rules and gameplay details are centrally tracked and configured. So new scenarios, fixes, and unit adjustments can be pushed out to players in real time. This is a game that's going to start out great, and we're going to keep beaming more greatness into it as we go.